International Freight Shipping

If your business relies on international freight, you know the importance of timely and secure deliveries. At R&S, we offer logistics solutions for receiving overseas shipments in the United States. For safe, monitored shipment, trust us to optimize your international fulfillment.

R&S Logistics boasts over a decade of expertise in supply chain management. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, we serve regional, national, and global markets with unwavering reliability and exceptional customer service. Our commitment is evident in every distribution center, emphasizing accuracy and flexibility through international freight and more.

As your dedicated 3PL partner, we offer tailored solutions to enhance competitiveness, from import warehouses to flexible warehousing and distribution services. With kanban principles guiding inventory management, we ensure operational efficiency and unparalleled client satisfaction, cementing your organization's success in the dynamic logistics landscape.

How R&S Receives International Freight

Strategically located close to Savannah and Charleston, two major Atlantic ports, our warehouse network supports efficient inbound deliveries from overseas. Additionally, our access to East Coast highways ensures swift access to key transportation routes for seamless international trade to Canada and Mexico.

Once your goods clear customs, R&S Logistics takes over managing the logistics of transporting your freight to its final destination. Whether it's coordinating trucking, rail, or other transport modes, we ensure seamless import haulage, providing you peace of mind and efficient delivery to your desired location.

We implement cross-docking to maximize payload and reduce shipping costs. This process streamlines supply chains, accelerates international fulfillment, and lowers transportation expenses. This makes it a cost-effective solution across industries to enhance agility and efficiency.

Real-time tracking is vital for overseas shipments, providing visibility and control throughout the journey. R&S Logistics relies on RFID tags for automatic monitoring between facilities, coupled with a cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) to centrally consolidate data across all locations, ensuring seamless operations in modern supply chains.

Why Choose R&S for Your Import Warehouse Needs

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R&S Logistics stands out as the top choice for your import warehouse needs. Our central location facilitates easy distribution to East Coast markets, optimizing your supply chain. What’s more, our expertise extends beyond standard freight handling. We excel in managing diverse cargo types, including food and beverage as well as pharmaceuticals.

With a specialization in industries such as automotive and manufacturing, we understand the intricacies of frequent international shipments. Additionally, we offer personalized support through dedicated account managers, ensuring prompt responses to inquiries and swift resolution of any issues that may arise.

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Our Locations

Knoxville and Savannah offer strategic advantages for international freight. Knoxville’s central location intersects major highways and railways, reducing transportation costs and time. R&S Logistics operates multiple centers in Knoxville and East Tennessee, enhancing market reach to the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest.

Our international fulfillment location in Savannah, GA, has extensive interstate networks and proximity to major ports, providing swift access to global markets. Notable companies like Coca-Cola and Walmart have chosen Savannah for its distribution capabilities, highlighting its efficient supply chain operations and economic growth.


How does R&S Logistics support companies with international suppliers?
We support your business with our strategically located import warehouse near major Atlantic ports and East Coast highways. We also manage seamless import haulage, implement cost-effective cross-docking, and offer real-time tracking for efficient and reliable overseas shipments.
The Port of Savannah in Georgia accepts international freight daily, serving as one of the largest shipping ports on the East Coast. It acts as a crucial hub for U.S. trade with Asia, Europe, and Latin America, offering direct links to over 200 global ports.

We handle freight for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals

We offer a wide range of trucking options. Along with less-than-truckload services, we handle:

  • Full truckload
  • Hotshot
  • Flatbed

Talk to one of our shipping experts today about all of our trucking options and which is best for you.

We offer temperature-controlled shipping as well as storage to keep your products at the perfect temperature, from production to end user.