4 Questions for Finding the Best Warehouse & Storage in Knoxville Tennessee

Why do I need to ask warehousing questions?

Businesses across Tennessee need a trusted partner to provide warehouse storage and a variety of related services that fit their unique business operations. How do you search and evaluate the options to find the best warehouse and storage solutions for specific needs? After you’ve established a company offers the core solution to a need, where do you start in establishing criteria for making a wise decision?

Below, we’ll share four important questions that each business should ask when considering warehousing and storage partners. We’ll also provide the R&S Logistics responses to show an example of what type of answer each question could have.

While we do believe we offer the best warehousing in Knoxville and the state of Tennessee, we hope this guide helps your business improve its decision-making regardless of the warehousing and storage partner you choose.

Question 1: What is the state of the warehousing facility?

First and foremost, you need to trust that your warehoused goods are stored properly, safely, and in an organized manner. Take a tour of the existing facility or facilities you’re considering using and see for yourself if the spaces that are used are organized and clean.

Ask more digging questions about the procedures for documenting where goods are kept and the security of the facility. These types of questions will help you understand how much the warehousing company will protect, handle, and preserve your property from loss of varying types (theft, breakage, misplacements, etc.).

Question 2: What mindset does the warehousing company have in their relationships with customers?

What this question really explores is whether a company takes a “space rental” approach or a “partnership” approach. This matters a great deal, especially if trust, communication, and accuracy are important to your business model.

The best answer for your company depends on what you are looking for. There are many potential options for the level of investment a warehousing company can make into your business. What you’ll likely find is that the ones who view each client as a partner and take ownership in the work they do for you will provide better long term service, make fewer mistakes, and help your business achieve its goals.

Question 3: Can this company provide customized support for my business’ workflow and current needs?

The best facilities with the best partner mindset can’t provide a good solution if they can’t integrate within your company’s operations or fulfillment needs. Every company’s warehousing needs are different, and you may need support, communication, additional services, or functional integrations that are not available.

  • Important considerations for workflow support could include:
  • Dropshipping and/or order fulfillment
  • Inventory management software
  • Delivery or shipping services or customizations for the end consumer
  • …and much more

Your warehousing partner should provide workflow support for your current needs–in addition to warehouse space in East Tennessee–to make the partnership ideal for today.

Question 4: Does the warehousing company provide support for growth and other potential long-term needs?

An ideal partner for today that cannot support your company’s anticipated growth plans won’t be an ideal partner for tomorrow, and that requires a new warehousing search and review process that can be costly and consume a great deal of time.

Consider the opportunity costs and hard costs associated with having to change warehouses when your business grows. There may not be a concern related to service in the near future, but your ideal provider with the best warehousing in Knoxville and Tennessee will help your business achieve goals today and assist you in growing your company over time with scalable solutions and top-notch support.

R&S Customer Service Quote

Checking All The Boxes

R&S Logistics has helped many businesses achieve their goals by providing reliable and scalable warehouse solutions in Knoxville and across Tennessee.

Below are values that R&S puts into practice with each client/partner and warehouse and distribution center:

  1. A clean, dry, organized, and safe facility (standard practice at all R&S warehouses)
  2. Ownership, collaboration, accountability, and a partner-mindset (when issues occur, R&S takes responsibility)
  3. Clear, same-day communication (an R&S core value)
  4. Customizable operations and integrations to support client/partners
  5. Scalable warehouse space and service solutions to support future growth

More Than A Warehouse Partner

Many of our client/partners rely on the additional valuable support R&S Logistics can provide to grow, increase their impact, and improve the quality of their offerings to their customers. Here are examples of the value-added services that been provided with an R&S partnership:

Cutting metal sheets to contractors’ specifications

Coordinating transportation solutions that are cost-effective

Quick local delivery to supply customers at construction sites (using the more convenient truck and trailer delivery method–not the more difficult semi-truck)

Custom transport options available as needed to suit customer needs

Pick and pack order fulfillment and dropshipping

Repackaging and breaking down pallets for shipping/distribution to the end consumer

“R&S has been taking care of us for many years. They have a great sense of urgency and treat us like we are their only customer,” said Vince Polizzi, Vice President of Operations at A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply. “We have 15 locations across the country where we present warehouse of the year awards. R & S has won it twice. That should tell you that they are the best at what they do!”

Metal Deck Supply Cutting

About R&S Logistics

R&S Logistics is Knoxville’s premier warehouse solutions provider. With reliable service, a dedicated team, and a partnership-mindset, they focus on solving the problems preventing customers from growing their companies. They are known for “above-and-beyond” service and additional support in all areas of warehousing and distribution.