Tabatha Cansler | R&S Employee of the Month | March 2022

In baseball, a pitcher that can go for the full nine innings could be called an ace. They work hard, seemingly never tire and are more reliable than rain in April. At R&S, one of our many aces is Tabatha Cansler, the LC3 Supervisor.


Tabatha has been known to go the extra mile (or inning, for the purpose of this metaphor) and constantly acts as a utility player across our Lenoir City and Loudon warehouses. Because of her strict attention to detail and unwavering reliability, Tabatha has earned special recognition as our March Employee of the Month.


“I think I’m a little OCD with keeping things in order,” Cansler said. “And when I’m done at LC3 for the day, I like to go help in Loudon. Ever since I was little, I’ve just loved helping others.”


So, she starts the day at LC3 and then comes in for relief where needed after. It seems like she never stops moving. Bobby Taylor, Lenoir City and Loudon Manager, agrees that’s the case.


“When she started in 2020, she was doing some production for a former client and beating records every day,” Taylor said. “There were 20 other people that had that job at some point, and no one ever came close to what she was doing. We had to hold on to her.”


When LC3 was added to the R&S portfolio, it was a great fit for Tabatha. She was sent there to help start it and has never looked back.“She’s done nothing but continue to grow. I continue to trust her with more and she’s just got a great attitude,” Taylor commented. “On top of that, she’s incredibly dedicated to her family. Pretty sure, she’s only used vacation time for travel baseball tournaments.”


And we come full circle. Tabatha’s second and third job is being a wife and mother of two. The fourth job would be running the scorebook for her son, Hayden’s, travel baseball team. Her family lives and breathes baseball. Her son plays, her husband coaches and Tabatha keeps the books. From February to November, they are at the fields every weekend. On top of that, her husband is an umpire and Tabatha goes with him. So, if you are looking for her outside of work, I guarantee she isn’t sitting on her couch; she’s at a baseball field somewhere, helping the team and taking care of her 2 year old.


All that to say, Tabatha never stops, and she always comes through. After nine innings with R&S, she puts in another nine at home. Starter, reliever, and closer – an ace.