Agility in 3PL and Warehouse Storage? R&S Logistics is Your First Choice

Speedy upply chainLogistics managers are embracing a new watchword: agility. Today’s supply chain needs to move more quickly and adapt more efficiently than ever before. Reactions to changing demand must be fluid, with no strain or drama within the organization.

The answer? Supply chain directors turn to a qualified 3PL vendor. The supply chain comes to rely on a partner with a full portfolio of services and hands-on experience reacting to shifting circumstances.

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With R&S Logistics, customers with interests in Knoxville TN and the Southeast have a partner that reacts swiftly to evolving market demands.

3 critical tools R&S Logistics uses in providing much-needed agility

The Right People. We recognize the dynamic needs of our customers and their expectations that they will be handled by top talent. In more than 19 years, our veteran staff has tackled all sorts of demands, across an array of industries. We regularly complete value-added projects such as kitting and fulfillment on time, and on budget. We stay sharp with refreshers as well as training sessions for new technologies and industry practices. Our crews are engaged in constant process improvement activities. Plan to visit us first-hand: we take great pride in our consistent professional service.

The Right Systems. R&S Logistics is built on a solid foundation of services:

  • Pick and pack
  • Order fulfillment
  • Kitting
  • Transportation management /brokering
  • Cross-docking
  • Materials preparation

Value-added services give your supply chain management the utmost flexibility. We are a true partner with our clients, a dependable extension of their inventory management process.

The Right Locations. Smart supply chain managers place warehouses and DCs close to their customer locations. They are strategic about centralizing locations, optimally serving many markets with a range of products. R&S warehouses are perfectly situated for suppliers or customers located in the Southeast, eastern seaboard, or east of the Mississippi.

If inventory needs to be there tomorrow, we can make it happen. Call us for a quote.

Providing an out-of-this-world logistics service? You need a 3PL partner with “The Right Stuff”


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The R&S Difference

R&S Logistics leads the pack of all Southeastern U.S. 3PLs. We are a key element to the operational agility expected by today’s supply chain professionals.

To discuss your unique project needs, or to learn more about us, talk with a representative. Plan a tour of our facilities today.