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Frequently Asked Questions

Although Warehousing, distribution and 3PL services are becoming more and more globally unified, many questions still arise. While the influence of technology grows, there is still some confusion. Therefore, let us reassure you: R&S Logistics uses only user–friendly technology. Our WMS(Warehouse Management System) is robust, reliable and safe; Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the best-known integrationplatform.

Questions will still emerge. Don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to answer your questions and help you accomplish your goals. The more we know about your business, the more efficient our service to you. All great service begins withquestions and answers. We want to serve you best.

With what type of clients does R&S work?

Any types of customer are welcome. Small, big and with any product is convenient. Long or short time commitment we are working with them. As the result, we have many return clients. Same time others don’t like to leave us, so they stay with us long as possible. They wish we move with them.

Why use R&S?

We believe in the individual approach with our customers. No “one size fits all” methodology. Most of the 3PL industry is driven by automation and technology, making it hard to get an individual approach to your business. This is where R&S stands out: we use technology to improve our customer care. Because the customer always comes first.

How long will it take to get started?

We are prepared and equipped to get you started as quickly as you need. Let’s call it a “today/tomorrow” time period: sign the contract today, and tomorrow you are in our care. Want to start today? No problem. We’re ready to take care of your needs.