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R&S delivers superior 3PL warehousing and fulfillment solutions to growing businesses. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, we’re convenient to markets in the Southeast and at the center of major U.S. and international shipping routes. We provide visibility and ingenuity to your business logistics so you can get more done faster.




Got bottlenecks in your supply chain?

Rising fuel prices and material shortages are the new cost of doing business. But while some warehouses simply raise their prices and leave it at that, we streamline our processes to give you innovative, technology-driven logistics solutions that turn your inventory efficiently while still holding to the highest quality standards.

Our clients come to us ready to scale their businesses and achieve greater visibility into their supply chain management. With R&S, you get a logistics partner invested in your success. We help you proactively address your biggest shipping headaches so you can avoid disruptions and unexpected delays. Call our experts to see where we can add value to your organization.

Is inventory management a pain?

Transparency matters. If you can’t see what’s in stock, you can’t operate efficiently. We offer real-time inventory monitoring and shipment receipts within one hour of arrival. Get easy access to kitting, relabeling, and other value-added services to move your products faster.

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Is your technology integrating effectively?

We help you integrate with your existing business systems for streamlined administrative workflows. R&S works with major ERPs for business operations and ecommerce platforms for direct-to-consumer sales.

warehouse with state of the art technology in southeast

Are you saving money?

R&S uses a dynamic storage model for accurate pricing. You only pay for the space you use. Our dedicated account managers work with you to strategize the most cost-effective approach to meet your SLAs.

Only one to two day’s transit time from 80% of 
the US population

Our warehouses are strategically located near I-40, I-81, and I-75 with barge access for easy transit to major East Coast, Midwest, and Southeast markets. We can reach Chicago, St. Louis, Orlando, or Washington, D.C. in a single day’s drive.

Need to ship internationally? Ask us about our cross-border logistics for imports and exports.

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What makes us different?

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic forever changed how businesses think about global supply chain. Many organizations shifted to diversify their warehousing space and relocate their inventory to distribution centers closer to their target markets. Whether you need local warehousing options in East Tennessee or simply a distribution point in the Eastern U.S., our agile, adaptable facilities are ready to meet your business needs.

At R&S, we understand that logistics is more than just a problem to be solved. We partner with our clients to leverage technology and industry best practices to reduce shipping errors and ultimately deliver a superior client experience. After all, supply chain management is an extension of your business services, not an impediment to your progress.

Here’s why businesses choose R&S:
  • Attentive customer service
  • Lot tracking and traceability
  • Expert handling to minimize damages
  • Economical storage rates
  • Creative approaches tailored to your business
  • Our commitment to you—when something goes wrong, we make it right


certified food and beverage warehouses

Department of Agriculture

We are proud to announce that our Tennessee locations are Food and Beverage Certified Warehouses. Our food-grade compliant warehousing supports the food manufacturing industry with exceptional service and a short response time. Our locations care for your unique and complex processing needs while assuring that your products will be shipped according to FEFO, FIFO, and other critical protocols. Our experience enables you to operate confidently with storage and shipping that is both safe and compliant.

certified food and beverage warehouses

Department of Health

R&S is licensed by the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy to provide warehousing, distribution, and logistics services for prescription drugs and prescription devices. Our facilities offer industry-compliant storage areas, including temperature-controlled zones, for pharmaceutical products. Each of our pharmaceutical warehouses meets inspection requirements issued by the State of Tennessee Department of Health. Not only do our experts provide safe handling, but we also help you strategically optimize your supply chain.


Our Leadership Team

What our partners are saying.

We value integrity and take pride in our work. See what our customers love about working with R&S:

Is it time to scale up 
your logistics?

Frustrated with continual misshipments and damages? Running out of warehouse space? Can't get in touch with your current 3PL?

We get how frustrating this can be. That’s why we make it easy to find warehousing space as soon as you need it.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur working from your garage or an international enterprise needing to expand your operations, we have room for you. R&S has more than two million square feet of configurable warehousing space, and we’re adding even more. If you’ve been looking for a 3PL partner, you’ve found the right place. Contact us today and start shipping from our facilities in as little as one week.

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More than two million square feet and growing!

R&S has more than two million square feet (and growing!) of configurable warehousing space. We handle everything from hazmat and chemicals to food products to oversized industrial equipment. All of our locations are secured with 24/7 closed-circuit monitoring.

We pride ourselves on treating your product as if it were our own and take that very seriously. We can offer any level of detail or control that you need. R&S can operate through FEFO/FIFO/LIFO, piece count, lot tracking, and traceability with real-time online inventory visibility.