R&S Knoxville, TN Locations

Discover the strategic advantages of our Knoxville warehouse locations. Positioned at the heart of the Southeast, our proximity to major markets and efficient transportation networks ensures swift and cost-effective shipping solutions. Benefit from a skilled workforce, business-friendly environment, and seamless intermodal connectivity. Join us in Knoxville for streamlined operations and unparalleled logistical excellence with our East Tennessee warehousing.

Knoxville Locations

southeast 3pl and warehousing

Corporate Headquarters

6321 Baum Dr., Knoxville, TN 37919


knoxville fulfillment and warehousing

Knoxville Warehouse & Distribution Center – KX1

210 S. Bell Street, Knoxville, TN 37915


ISO 4001 warehouse certified
ISO 4001 warehouse certified

Certifications: ISO9001 & ISO 14001

knoxville warehousing and distribution

Knoxville Warehouse & Distribution Center – KX2

250 S. Bell Street Knoxville, TN 37915


knoxville warehousing and distribution

Knoxville Warehouse & Distribution Center – KX3

700 Dalen Ln, Knoxville, TN 37932


See Our Nearby Tennessee Locations

lenoir city warehousing

Lenoir City Warehouse & Distribution Center – LC1

3620 Industrial Park Dr, Lenoir City, TN 37771


Lenoir City warehousing

Lenoir City Warehouse & Distribution Center – LC2

100 Yale Ave, Lenoir City, TN 37771


lenoir city warehousing

Lenoir City Warehouse & Distribution Center – LC3

5901 Industrial Park Dr, Lenoir City, TN 37771


loudon warehousing

Loudon Warehouse & Distribution Center – LD1

350 Williamson Dr, Loudon, TN 37774


Loudon warehousing

Loudon Warehouse & Distribution Center – LD2

2411 Maremont Pkwy, Loudon, TN 37774


Loudon warehousing

Loudon Warehouse & Distribution Center – LD3

411 Highland Ave, Loudon, TN 37774


morristown warehousing

White Pine Warehouse & Distribution Center – Morristown 1

1750 Garden Village Dr., White Pine, TN 37890


morristown warehousing

Dandridge Warehouse & Distribution Center – Morristown 2

835 Epco Dr., Dandridge, TN 37725


southeast tennessee logistics

Morristown Warehouse & Distribution Center – Morristown 3

4991 Enka Highway, Morristown, TN 37813


morristown warehousing

Morristown Warehouse & Distribution Center – Morristown 4

4999 Enka Hwy, Morristown, TN 37813


morristown warehousing

Morristown Warehouse & Distribution Center – Morristown 5

5436 Jeffrey Lane, Morristown, TN 37813


Advantages of Shipping
from Knoxville

Tennessee’s geographic location provides access to markets worldwide. The central location provides fast access for businesses to both customers and suppliers.

Chosen by shipping powerhouses like Amazon, Academy Sports + Outdoors, FedEx Logistics, and GAP, Tennessee is an obvious choice for warehousing & distribution centers.

Best Warehousing Location

East Tennessee’s Interstate 40 connects major markets and regions across its 455 well-preserved miles within state borders, providing invaluable access to key economic centers and major industrial hubs. This combination adds up to a prime location for warehousing and distribution.

When you choose East Tennessee warehousing, you get:

  • Access to eight interstate highways
  • 60 percent of the U.S. population within an 11-hour drive or less
  • Six Class 1 railroads
  • 1,000 miles of navigable waterways

non standard shipping services in the southeast

Increase Revenue with Knoxville Warehouse Solutions

If your current 3PL partner is still feeding you lines about supply chain slowdowns as an excuse for missed shipments, it’s time to move on. You need a partner with the ability to integrate with your ERP, cut costs with efficient storage methods, and scale with your needs.

R&S Logistics does this and more. Our Knoxville warehousing provides supply chain solutions instead of blaming global shipping problems.

Inability to Integrate with Your Current 3PL’s WMS and ERP System

Without seamless integration with your 3PL’s WMS and ERP systems, data exchange becomes manual. This can lead to issues with inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping processes such as:

  • Errors
  • Delays
  • Inefficiencies

This disjointed approach increases the risk of stockouts, inaccurate inventory levels, and fulfillment errors. The end result is a poor customer experience, decreased satisfaction, and potential revenue loss for your business.

Integrated systems, on the other hand, enable real-time visibility, streamlined processes, and better decision-making. With East Tennessee warehousing solutions from R&S Logistics, you can maintain your competitiveness and meet your customers’ expectations in today's fast-paced business environment.

Lack of Urgency in Communication and Dedication from Your Current 3PL

A lack of urgency from your current 3PL provider can severely hinder business operations. It can manifest in the form of:

  • Delays in response times
  • Unresponsiveness to urgent queries
  • A general lack of commitment

These can lead to disruptions in your supply chain management, affecting inventory replenishment, order fulfillment, and customer satisfaction.

Your business relies on 3PLs for timely and efficient logistics support. When communication and dedication are lacking, it can result in missed deadlines and increased costs, ultimately damaging your company's reputation. R& S Logistics in Knoxville provides swift and vital communication to maintain smooth operations and meet your customers’ expectations.

Missed Shipments

Failed deliveries caused by your current 3PL impact customer trust and loyalty, tarnishing your brand's reputation. These supply chain disruptions can result in:

  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Increased costs
  • Revenue loss

Missed shipments can also trigger chain reactions that affect inventory management, order fulfillment, and production schedules.

Your business relies on timely and reliable logistics to meet customer demands and maintain competitiveness. R&S Logistics uses East Tennessee warehousing to ensure that no shipments are missed so that operational efficiency remains intact. This prevents strained relationships with your customers and helps ensure your long-term success in the market.

No Visibility for Inventory or Shipment History

Your company can struggle to make informed decisions without access to real-time data on inventory levels and shipment history. This can cause inefficiencies in:

  • Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Resource allocation

Lack of visibility hampers order tracking, delays problem resolution, and increases the risk of stockouts or overstock situations. What’s more, it diminishes customer satisfaction due to uncertainty about order status and delivery times.

Knoxville warehousing from R&S Logistics makes this pain point a thing of the past. You’ll receive transparent and accessible information to optimize operations and meet customer expectations

Unable to Scale Up Due to Lack of Space or Ability

As your operations expand, constrained facilities may limit storage capacity and processing capabilities. This can lead to bottlenecks in fulfillment and increased lead times.

A 3PL’s inability to accommodate growth stifles business development, potentially causing missed opportunities and customer dissatisfaction. It can also undermine scalability, hindering your business’s ability to respond to market demands and adapt to changing needs.

R&S Logistics is your flexible and scalable logistics partner for East Tennessee warehousing. We’ll help your businesses overcome the challenges that come with sustaining growth and staying competitive in a dynamic market environment.

Other 3PL Services We Offer in Knoxville, Tennessee

At R&S Logistics, our 3PL services extend beyond Knoxville warehousing. Cross-docking reduces storage time and costs. Our food-grade warehouse ensures the integrity and safety of your product, meeting industry standards. Kitting and assembly services enhance efficiency, while our comprehensive trucking services prioritize safety, efficiency, and timely delivery.


Cross-docking is the swift transfer of goods from inbound to outbound vehicles. It helps to:

  • Minimize storage time
  • Optimize the supply chain
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Expediting product flow

Unlike traditional warehousing, cross-docking minimizes storage needs, saving warehouse space and expenses. This method accelerates movement from receiving to shipping docks, particularly benefiting industries with perishable goods or practicing just-in-time inventory management.

Widely adopted across industries, cross-docking ensures that you stay agile and competitive in your market. It’s a preferred solution for the rapid, cost-effective, and synchronized movement of goods.

Food and Beverage

Our food-grade warehouse in Knoxville is a specialized facility designed to safely store, handle, and distribute food and beverage products. It helps ensure their integrity and safety throughout the supply chain.

To qualify as food-grade, our warehouse features:

  • Temperature-controlled environments
  • Adherence to sanitary storage practices
  • Compliance with food safety regulations

Catering to diverse industries, these facilities play a pivotal role in complying with regulations and preserving the integrity of perishable and non-perishable goods across various sectors. Food and beverage, medical supply, and agriculture companies rely on us to maintain product quality and freshness while preventing contamination.

By utilizing our warehouses, your company can safeguard goods, reducing spoilage risk and maintaining consumer trust in the safety and quality of your products.

Kitting and Assembly

Kitting and assembly services significantly boost efficiency and cost-effectiveness, making them vital components of your manufacturing and distribution operations. Kitting involves consolidating individual items into packages, simplifying assembly processes, and aiding inventory management.

This method is particularly beneficial for industries like manufacturing and automotive, where it:

  • Reduces errors
  • Ensures all components are readily available
  • Enhances overall efficiency

Similarly, outsourcing assembly transfers the assembly responsibility to us. This allows your company to focus on core competencies while benefiting from cost savings and expertise. Together, kitting and assembly are a strategic practice crucial to your supply chain, optimizing production processes and ensuring seamless product delivery.

Logistics and Trucking

R&S Logistics offers a comprehensive range of trucking services tailored to diverse transportation needs. Our trucking service options include:

  • Full truckload
  • Less-than-truckload
  • Hotshot
  • Flatbed
  • Box van

And that’s just to name a few.

We prioritize safety and efficiency, with stringent carrier selection criteria ensuring top-quality service. Supported by our commitment to logistics excellence, our dedicated trucking options and specialty shipping services cater to your company’s specific needs. Real-time tracking and communication ensure timely and secure delivery from distribution centers to end consumers.

Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Collaborating with R&S Logistics ensures thorough, intact, and brand-consistent deliveries. Our pick-and-pack process encompasses four stages:

  1. Storage: Materials are stored in bulk, racks, and bins.
  2. Pick: Required items are selected from inventory.
  3. Pack: Kits are meticulously assembled with precise components, including instructions, brochures, labels, and suitable box sizes, all rigorously quality-checked.
  4. Distribution: Products are shipped with integrated tracking to end customers, be it freight (B2B) or parcel (B2C) deliveries.

R&S provides benefits such as adaptable staffing for varying shipment volumes and resources for efficient fulfillment. With our advanced warehouse management system, we ensure streamlined kitting, real-time tracking, and favorable shipping outcomes via corporate accounts.

Serving Knoxville and beyond, our team converts bulk inventory into market-ready units, offering diverse packaging options and adept shipping guidance. With dedicated fulfillment experts, we ensure seamless operations and swift issue resolution, guaranteeing excellence across all your fulfillment requirements.