How R&S Prioritizes Warehouse Worker Safety

July 8, 2024

It’s easy for warehousing companies to say they put worker safety first, but the reality is often more of a gray area. With the rapid growth of e-commerce and the push for faster delivery times, warehouse operations have expanded and intensified, putting increasing national attention on the well-being of warehouse workers. 

A recent audit by the Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) aimed to determine how effectively OSHA has addressed the high injury and illness rates in warehouses, both before and during the pandemic. The OIG analyzed data from October 2016 to December 2021, interviewed OSHA officials, and reviewed relevant guidance and regulatory standards. Their findings revealed that injury and illness rates in warehouses have remained consistently high, with a rate of 5.5 per 100 employees in 2021, more than double the rate across all industries.

That’s why we’re serious about bucking the trend. We prioritize relationships, and that means not only delivering excellent service to our customers but also safeguarding the men and women who make warehousing possible.

Our Warehouse Worker Safety Measures

At R&S Logistics, we recognize the importance of prioritizing the health and well-being of our teams. We understand that a safe and healthy work environment is crucial for operational efficiency and employee satisfaction, that’s why we’ve implemented comprehensive health and safety measures like the following:

  • Internal & external video surveillance
  • Safety vests
  • Goggles 
  • Stop signs on the floor 
  • Fenced-off areas within the warehouse for authorized personnel only 
  • Mirrors in tight spaces for proper visibility for forklift drivers & pedestrians 
  • Chemical wash stations 
  • Safety lines indicated for designated areas in the warehouse
  • Safety protocol for forklift drivers (certification)
  • Hazmat certification for hazardous materials 
  • Spill kit stations for chemical spills 
  • Visitor logs
  • Signs for visitors & guests when they come to visit a warehouse
  • Steel toe shoes/boots
  • Gated/fenced-off areas of the warehouse & property
  • Limited keyholders to facilities
  • Security systems to arm each warehouse 
  • Facilities are locked & secured every night
  • Water stations for proper hydration 
  • Bold colors for employee attire for safety (highlighter yellow & orange) 

We know that a safe workplace is essential for both the well-being of our employees and our overall success. That’s why we will keep investing in strong safety measures, providing regular training, and adopting the latest safety technologies. Our goal is to ensure that every member of our team feels valued and protected. By maintaining this focus on safety we’re not just following regulations – we’re building a culture where everyone can thrive.

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