How the EV Revolution is Reshaping Trucking

June 26, 2024

The United States is experiencing a significant increase in electric vehicles, especially within the commercial sector. An Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) analysis revealed 10,265 electric vehicles joined the nation’s roads in 2023, a massive jump compared to only 80 vehicles deployed in 2020. In 2023, the deployment of electric trucks saw a remarkable surge, exceeding previous years and significantly contributing to the cumulative total of 12,894 medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks introduced over the past four years. 

Despite the California Air Resources Board’s aggressive promotion of a rapid transition, the American Trucking Association (ATA) and others have concerns about the pace of change, particularly regarding legislation like the California Advanced Clean Fleets rule mandating electric or emissions-free trucks by 2042. The ATA fears the trucking industry may struggle to adapt quickly enough to meet this accelerated timeline, arguing that while electric trucks show promise in certain areas, the high upfront costs of the vehicles and necessary charging infrastructure present significant challenges. 

“Environmental sustainability has to mean logistical sustainability, too,” says Landon Pyle, VP of Business Development at R&S Logistics. “We’re all for clean energy, but it takes a while for the ripple effects of top-down legislation to work their way through the supply chain.” 

While the rapid expansion of electric trucks shows a promising future, it’s crucial to navigate the transition carefully. The ATA is advocating for increased investments and collaboration between public and private sectors to focus on accelerating technological advancements with EVs and expanding the infrastructure to support a seamless transition to electric trucks. This will ensure steady progress toward a sustainable, emissions-free transportation system. 

R&S Provides Stability in an Unknown Climate

Whether you’re in the trucking industry or not, you’re likely going to be affected by these trends. We understand. Primarily in the 3PL industry, we serve customers with warehouses, transportation, and fulfillment. We serve customers from all kinds of different industries and backgrounds. You name it, and we’ve probably had a customer who does it. No matter the trend, we all know that serving a customer means transportation is a vital part of your business.

As the trucking industry faces significant changes ahead, it’s natural to feel uncertain. At the end of the day, our clients are our priority, and we work to find logistics solutions that keep businesses moving. Whether you need a full truckload, less-than-truckload services, or single pallet options (or even warehousing or fulfillment), count on us to deliver your valuable cargo quickly and efficiently.

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