R&S Logistic’s Biomass Division deals in the sale, storage and distribution of quality wood fuels. We have the network, connections, equipment, and facilities to serve to locate, transport, store, and deliver renewable energy sources.

We are also recognized as a “green business” by It is East Tennessee’s leading recognition program for businesses that offer environmentally-friendly services and solutions.


What is Biomass?

Biomass is a renewable energy source. It is a biological material, typically wood, waste or alcohol fuels. It is an alternative fuel source from traditional carbon-based fuels. The production and use of Bio fuels creates different gases than those created while burning fossil fuels. Biomass fuels are a green alternative to traditional fuels.

Broadly speaking, R&S Logistics strives to be a supply-chain leader in the Southeast for the green renewable energy movement. As a relatively new resource, biomass is an energy source manufactured from crops, wood, manure, landfill gasses and alcohol fuels. We are able to source and supply these organic raw materials and by-products (often from manufacturing processes) that can then be used in many applications. And, it includes wood fuel, solidifiers, raw materials for engineered woods, and animal bedding.

The purchase and distribution of these bio resources is a highly-specialized service that requires expertise. If these resources are responsibly utilized, the result could be a smaller footprint left on our environment. As a result, a long-range savings for consumers through the use of relatively inexpensive fuels for energy.

Are you exploring green-energy options? Or maybe you are interested in the selling or purchasing of bio fuels (including wood fuels and sawdust)? Please, contact us to find out how we can help.

Tennessee Department of Agriculture


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