Count On R&S to Keep Your Freight Moving

R&S Logistics is the leader in the Knoxville market for comprehensive 3PL Services. We are the first choice of manufacturers, building material supply, and automotive supply professionals. We offer 1 Million square feet of warehousing, zoned and secured with 24/7 closed circuit monitoring. Our experienced crews handle freight safely, and promptly. We are experienced with sorting all types of shipments, often packing and securing the outgoing freight better than the freight we receive in!

For your time-sensitive freight passing through Knoxville TN and the Southeast (I-40 and I-75), we offer experienced cross docking services.

With cross docking, you minimize delays: Save time, save money, and have less of a handling risk!

Streamline your shipping.

Cross docking is the choice of experienced supply chain directors and shipping managers.

Cross docking takes freight directly from the inbound transport, sorts it, and loads it onto the appropriate outbound vehicle. No time spent on racking or otherwise in storage. Less storage time means lower handling costs. As soon as an outbound load is complete, we ship. Improved efficiency means your freight is delivered more quickly, and at reduced cost.

Cross Docking Services for Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta, and Charlotte

Taking InventoryR&S Logistics is strategically located in a low cost-center for logistics services. With many larger markets located nearby, R&S maintains an incredibly low cost basis, compared with surrounding larger markets, where demand drives service pricing higher.

Shipping Supervisors:

  • Avoid LTL handling costs at your customer’s location.
  • Save money
  • Deliver full loads


*If you are responsible for getting freight to your customer’s location quickly and efficiently, R&S Logistics should be your 3PL partner.

R&S Logistics handles every step of your storage and product handling needs.

Tennessee Department of Agriculture


We are proud to announce that our Tennessee locations are Food and Beverage Certified Warehouses. Our food-grade compliant warehousing supports the food manufacturing industry with exceptional service and a short response time. Our locations care for your unique and complex processing needs while assuring that your products will be shipped according to FEFO, FIFO, and other critical protocols. Our experience enables you to operate confidently with storage and shipping that is both safe and compliant.