R&S Logistics is your best 3PL partner for fulfillment and value-added services

R&S takes the lead in fulfillment. We work closely with our customer partners to ensure that your package received by the end consumer is complete, undamaged, and on-brand.

How does fulfillment work? In general:

Storage – We warehouse your material in bulk

“Pick” – We draw required parts from your inventory

“Pack” – We assemble kits with all the correct components, including instruction sheets, brochures, labels or more.

Distribute – Whether freight shipment (B2B) or parcel shipment (B2C), we speed your product to the end consumer.

A critical link in the supply chain, fulfillment moves product from the bulk warehouse environment, packages it to the end consumer, and ships to their doorstep. Your orders require the product, instruction sheets, literature, labels, and packing material. Each “pick & pack” order is hand assembled following clients’ detailed instructions. We present your product exactly as you want the customer to see it.

R&S Logistics is the leader in the Knoxville market for comprehensive 3PL services. We are the first choice of manufacturers, building material supply, and automotive supply professionals. We offer 800,000 square feet of configurable warehousing, comprehensive shipping solutions, and value-added and fulfillment services.



Product Packed for the End User Customer?

  The Correct Product
  The Proper Packaging
  The Right Supporting Materials
  The Right Labels
  Shipped parcel or freight
Talk to your R&S rep about your unique fulfillment requirements– we’d like to help!



Advantages of R&S Logistics Fulfillment and Value-Added Services

SCALABILITY Some weeks your shipment volume is low, other times it can be tough keeping up. In-house fulfillment groups can fall victim to misaligned staffing levels. With R&S handling your fulfillment, scalability concerns are managed for you – we get it all done!

Space costs and materials.  Faced with setting up a fulfillment operation from scratch? Budgeting both fixed assets and consumables? Carving out a corner on your production floor? We have the equipment and resources in place to handle fulfillment for a range of client needs.

Systems/software.  Does your ERP have an advanced warehouse management module? With our state-of-the-art system, we can relieve product from your inventory, manage kitting, report on outbound shipments, and more. You get real time visibility to shipments/tracking.We receive customer orders electronically throughout the day.

Shipping efficiencies.  Take advantage of our corporate accounts for best shipping results. Whether freight shipping (B2B) or parcel shipping (B2C), R&S has the systems and relationships in place to ensure smooth travel for your company’s products.


Outsourcing fulfillment frees you to focus on your core business.



As a manufacturer of auto parts, we’re focused on throughputs and yields. The act of individually packing orders and sending to dealers or end customers is a just a completely different kind of business. We are fortunate to have a business partner in R&S Logistics who handles fulfillment beautifully.”
- Carole N., Satisfied Client



Let us help with kitting and projects

As a full-service 3PL partner, we can turn bulk inventory into saleable or transactable units. We draw from on-site inventory, rework or package product per your direction, then receive the new SKUs into your inventory. Kits may include cartons, envelopes, shrink-wrap or other packaging options. Our staff is experienced in all shipping requirements for standard as well as oversized/overweight parcels.

You’ll work closely with a fulfillment value-added specialist, a trusted contact for kitting or fulfillment projects.

We’re proud of our core competence in fulfillment, using.

We stand behind our top-flight fulfillment and kitting capabilities. Our experienced crews and proven systems ensure that things go smoothly. And should unexpected challenges arise, we immediately do what needs to happen to make matters right.



Partner with a Single-Source 3PL Team Serving the Southeastern U.S. in Knoxville, TN and Savannah, GA. Partner with R&S Logistics.


Our Fulfillment Specialist, Landon is ready to help.

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We are proud to announce that our Tennessee locations are Food and Beverage Certified Warehouses. Our food-grade compliant warehousing supports the food manufacturing industry with exceptional service and a short response time. Our locations care for your unique and complex processing needs while assuring that your products will be shipped according to FEFO, FIFO, and other critical protocols. Our experience enables you to operate confidently with storage and shipping that is both safe and compliant.

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