1. Warehousing & Distribution


R&S Logistics has multiple warehousing and distribution facilities. Our Knoxville and East Tennessee warehouses have flexible floor plans, allowing us to meet our clients’ product requirements at any time. Our support staff and warehouse personnel are always available to our customers, providing immediate responses and solutions. Our warehousing and distribution solutions will fit your needs and save you time and money.

At each warehouse and distribution facility, R&S is well-equipped and our personnel are well-trained. We can handle anything from raw materials to finished goods to hazardous materials. We can also assist you with high-security or oversized/heavy items. On receipt, at regular intervals, and on shipment, you’ll receive superior service.



R&S Logistics is utilizing proven methodologies. Because of that, you may be sure of your order’s fulfillment. Filling orders on time is our passion. Therefore, high efficiency and accuracy are the result. We are led by our dedication to the customer and as a result we provide on-call services. Your deadlines are the rules we will follow. Also, satisfying your customers’ needs and maintaining your company’s reputation is our honor. We understand the demands you face as a business owner. This is why you can rely on R&S Logistics for the Warehousing and distribution of your important inventory.

R&S is proud to be partnered with Norfolk Southern. They are serving the R&S East Tennessee and Knoxville warehouses. Additionally, our distribution facilities have the capacity to load and offload barges on the Tennessee River, which offers deep water navigation year-round. This allows for great versitality and accesability. Along with overhead cranes and heavy load-handling equipment, it makes us an even more advantageous company. R&S Logistics offers to serve your rail, waterway or interstate needs in transporting raw materials and finished goods.

We are your source for logistics solutions in Knoxville and East Tennessee.


Tennessee Department of Agriculture


We are proud to announce that our Tennessee locations are Food and Beverage Certified Warehouses. Our food-grade compliant warehousing supports the food manufacturing industry with exceptional service and a short response time. Our locations care for your unique and complex processing needs while assuring that your products will be shipped according to FEFO, FIFO, and other critical protocols. Our experience enables you to operate confidently with storage and shipping that is both safe and compliant.

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