7 Advantages of an East Coast Distribution Center

July 8, 2024

Approximately 36% of the U.S. population lives on the East Coast, but most of the country’s manufacturing hubs are in California, Texas, or the Midwest. It can become quite a problem for consumers and businesses!

Having a distribution center closer to the East Coast helps bridge that gap. 

Let’s unpack 7 advantages of an East Coast warehouse and distribution center:

  1. Faster shipping
  2. Access to major highways
  3. Proximity to the Southeast
  4. Close to East Coast ports
  5. Access to a wider talent pool
  6. Reduced risk of disruptions
  7. Expanded fulfillment network

What’s the Difference Between a Warehouse and a Distribution Center?

First off, we need to clarify this here. A warehouse and distribution center are very different. Many people use these terms interchangeably but there are some key differences between distribution centers and warehouses. 

A warehouse is really intended for long-term storage. It’s the business equivalent of a garage. Many companies have their own warehouses for storing manufactured goods, supplies, or raw materials. 

Distribution centers are more focused on facilitating movement, efficiently packing and shipping products. Another difference between a warehouse and a distribution center is that the latter often has more technology to manage inventory and process orders. They also act as hubs for transportation companies to make deliveries to end users. 

Typically, we’ve seen a lot of businesses partner with companies like us, third-party logistics companies (3PL), to manage these complex operations. That way you can focus on daily tasks while we act as your 3PL and worry about things like warehousing and distribution centers.

The Top 7 Advantages of an East Coast Distribution Center

1. Faster shipping

Customers expect fast shipping more than ever before. You know this because you expect this when you order online. This is often dubbed “The Amazon Effect,” and it applies to businesses and consumers.

Your customers don’t want to wait for their items. An East Coast distribution center like us turns this into a key advantage since our strategic location ensures quicker delivery times. 

We can meet your expectations for rapid delivery because of our location. We have more efficient management of inventory and faster response to market demands, enhancing your customer satisfaction and your competitiveness.

2. Access to major highways

We’re close to all the major highways because of our East Coast distribution center.  This includes major interstates such as: 

  • I-95 
  • I-75 
  • I-70 
  • I-40 

The strategic location and connectivity to major highways make East Coast warehouse and distribution ideal for optimizing logistics and delivery performance. 

3. Proximity to the Southeast

Often, we think of the East Coast as New England, New York, and New Jersey, but it also includes the Southeast. East Coast distribution centers in proximity to the Southeast are a distinct advantage from the population-dense Northeast. Fueled by economic and demographic factors, the Southeastern U.S. has seen significant population growth since 2022

The pleasant climate attracts those escaping harsher weather, while mid-sized cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, and Nashville offer urban amenities with a relaxed pace of life. Businesses are also drawn to the region due to its proximity to major transportation hubs and business-friendly environments, driving economic growth and job creation. All of these make the Southeastern United States the perfect place for distribution centers.

4. Close to East Coast ports

Your business will also be close to the ports, like Savannah, GA, which we just recently got a warehouse right across the street from last year. This means faster import processing and reduced shipping times for you.

5. Access to a wider talent pool

Along with ports and interstates, an East Coast distribution center will also have access to a highly skilled and diverse workforce. The region is home to numerous top universities and colleges, producing graduates with expertise in: 

  • Logistics 
  • Supply chain management 
  • Technology 

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention the University of Tennessee and its excellent supply chain program. They’ve been ranked 3rd in US News for the past 3 years. This gives companies like ours access to talent that are knowledgeable professionals to: 

  • Optimize operations 
  • Implement advanced technologies, and 
  • Drive efficiency. 

Additionally, the vibrant job markets in East Coast cities attract experienced workers, enhancing distribution centers’ ability to maintain high performance and adapt to evolving industry demands. This strategic advantage supports superior service and operational excellence.

6. Reduced risk of disruptions

An East Coast distribution center offers a reduced risk of disruptions—a key advantage for stability and reliability. The East Coast experiences fewer wildfires and earthquakes than the West Coast, minimizing natural disaster-related interruptions. East Coast warehouse and distribution isn’t as dependent on the LA port, which faced significant delays during the COVID-19 slowdown. 

Proximity to major ports along the eastern seaboard ensures smoother logistics and fewer bottlenecks. This allows for more consistent and efficient supply chain management, meeting customer demands, and maintaining continuous operations even during widespread disruptions.

7. Expanded fulfillment network

An East Coast distribution center with pick-and-pack fulfillment acts as an expanded fulfillment network for your products. Tailored systems designed for this purpose allow for the intricate stages of pick-and-pack. From receiving and warehousing materials efficiently to pulling required items from inventory and assembling kits, every step is optimized for precision and speed. 

This meticulous approach extends to packaging, ensuring all components are correctly included and quality is upheld. By leveraging advanced systems and expertise, an East Coast distribution center with pick-and-pack fulfillment ensures swift and accurate fulfillment, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

R&S Can Help with East Coast Warehouse and Distribution Solutions

We’d love to partner with you as an extension of your operations. We offer comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to optimize your supply chain, so you can save time, save money, and save headaches.

Our expertise extends to international freight shipping, to:

With every service our team offers, we provide flexible and reliable solutions to meet your unique requirements. We’d love to streamline your East Coast distribution center needs and drive your business success.

An East Coast distribution center offers rapid shipping due to its proximity to dense populations and access to major highways and ports. R&S Logistics supports your business by providing tailored solutions for international freight shipping, food, pharmaceutical, and automotive warehouse and distribution, ensuring efficient supply chain operations that drive success.

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