Our Value-Add Services in Action

February 14, 2024

Let’s talk about value-add services. As the phrase conveys, it’s any way that we can provide extra value to a customer. But you may be asking, what do we mean by that phrase and how does it apply to you and your business in the realm of warehousing, fulfillment, storage, and transportation? 

Product Rework and Light Manufacturing Example

Several years ago, one of our local tech e-commerce customers from Knoxville came to us with a unique problem. Their product had some electrical circuitry issues, and it meant that their incoming shipments were all faulty and not able to sell. They were looking at thousands of dollars of unusable product which meant a loss of inventory, loss of potential profit to realize, risk if the product was released, and loss of income for them and their employees. However, with our unique value-add services, we partnered with them to quickly mitigate and solve this issue. Together, we helped inventory the product, disassemble them, test their validity, and rebuild ones that worked and quarantine the ones that didn’t. 

This is what we call value-add service in the form of light manufacturing or product rework, and this is just one story. Big or small, we’ve found lots of ways to partner with our customers to provide extra value to them and their business. 


Many customers send their products to us, and they need them relabeled before they can sell them. We work to get the materials to do so, and we relabel them upon receiving them. When they arrive at their end destination, they’re ready to be sold right away. 

Applying stickers to safety cones

Some customers like pictured need some light assembly and product rework. We helped sticker these safety cones for a customer here on the east coast, and it was a unique and satisfying project! 

Last Mile Delivery or White Glove Service

For another customer in East Tennessee, we’ve also provided last mile delivery or white glove service. We’ve done this for a variety of customers from furniture to chemicals to get their goods to their end destination. We also do drop and hook trailers, milk runs, and various local deliveries and pickups. 

Food Packaging

Several years ago, we had a customer that made tea and coffee. For them, they didn’t have the time to fill or package the tea and coffee. We took that project on because of our food grade compliant warehouse, and we would weigh the tea or coffee, fill it to the designated amount, heat seal it, and ship them out. (Our warehouse smelled so good!) 

Custom Orders

As another example, we’ve also helped one of our customers out of Chicago with custom cutting some of their metals. To fulfill orders quicker, they sent us an industrial saw to do special cut orders of metal. We partner with them to learn their cutting practices, audit the cuts made, and verify they’re cut excellently for their end users.

We have countless stories we could share, but these are just a few! For our customers, this helps them scale, solve problems more efficiently, and deliver on results without delay. That’s our goal too – we want to help you succeed and partner with you to do so. 

From product rework and light assembly to light manufacturing and relabeling, we’ve done a variety of value-add services for our customers here in the Southeast. Want to talk to us about some of your unique needs? We’d love to talk with you! 

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