Logistics, Trucking and Transportation in Knoxville, TN

R&S Logistics is your single stop 3PL for trucking and transportation nationwide

Supply chain manager clients depend on R&S Logistics for timely and effective service in trucking out product and equipment quickly and efficiently. We’re proud of our high-touch, relationship-based approach to moving goods efficiently and safely.


Our Range of Trucking and Transportation options include:

  • Full trailer load
  • LTL
  • Hotshot
  • Flatbed
  • Box vans / straight trucks
  • Last Mile Delivery

R&S Logistics is the leader in the Knoxville market for comprehensive 3PL services. We are the first choice of manufacturers, building material supply, and automotive supply professionals.

We also offer 800,000 square feet of configurable warehousing, as well as value-add services including all sorts of transportation options.



What About Specialty Shipping?

Here are a few recent projects we’ve handled:

✓ Oversized machinery on flatbed truck accompanied by flag cars and permits
✓ Refrigerated box trucks (food and beverage)
✓ Hazardous materials
Talk to your R&S rep about your specialty shipping challenge – we’d like to help!



Trucking and Logistics is part of our culture

R&S Staff Match the Right Solution to Each Client

From a single pallet, less-than-truckload, or a full trailer, R&S Logistics will move your valued cargo to its destination, quickly and efficiently.

All carriers meet our stringent requirements:

  • Full insurance coverage
  • DOT and OSHA safety standards
  • Top level customer service

We stand behind a core of trusted carriers. Over time, we have built great long-term relationships, right down to our drivers.



Committed to Excellence

We stand behind our shipping commitments andmake sure things go smoothly.

When unexpected challenges arise, we immediately alert our partners and pull out all stops to get them back on track.

We even own our own accidents, doingwhatever it takes to make things right.
R&S Logistics does it all for us. They are responsive to all of our questions and inquiries. When my last project required shipping expertise, I turned to my rep at R&S.
- Carole N., Satisfied Client

Let us take control of your shipping needs

We use a proven programmed approach to shipment planning, maximizing loads (high cube utilization), monitoring trips, and shortening transit times.

The R&S Difference? Communication!
Technology allows us 24/7 access to monitor loads. We are in constant communication with shippers and receivers and even the individual drivers in the cabs. We can update you in minutes on ETAs at loading docks or distribution center (DC) delivery points. Imagine complete end-to-end visibility! Your R&S rep monitors each shipment, freeing you for more productive tasks and projects.
Odds are, you don’t contract for shipping every day. At R&S Logistics, we do!
Partner with a Single-Source 3PL Team Serving the Southeastern U.S. in Knoxville, TN and Savannah, GA. Partner with R&S Logistics.
Tennessee Department of Agriculture


We are proud to announce that our Tennessee locations are Food and Beverage Certified Warehouses. Our food-grade compliant warehousing supports the food manufacturing industry with exceptional service and a short response time. Our locations care for your unique and complex processing needs while assuring that your products will be shipped according to FEFO, FIFO, and other critical protocols. Our experience enables you to operate confidently with storage and shipping that is both safe and compliant.


Our Trucking & Transportation Logistics Specialist, Bobby is ready to help.

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