Knoxville Warehouse Storage Services that Check All the Boxes

Logistics managers must be careful to evaluate prospective warehousing partners. Choosing the right partner should mean finding someone who cares about your goods as much as you do. Smart managers look for storage partners that check all the right boxes.

At R&S Logistics, our primary base in Knoxville, TN helps us provide great value to our warehouse storage clients.


 Cost-Effective Storage Rates

R&S Storage Lifting While cost should not be the exclusive consideration, it’s certainly hard to argue that it often ranks high on a manager’s list of considerations. Average warehouse rental rates in the United States sits at around $14.58 per pallet or $3.3 per bin in 2020, according to warehousingandfulfillment.com.

So how can you make sure you’re not overpaying for space? Like much of the real-estate market, location is a huge factor. R&S Logistics has strategically selected undervalued locations with strategic cost advantages, primarily on the outskirts of centrally-located Knoxville, TN. In these strategic areas, the cost of space and talent are relatively low, while transportation access remains high so we can provide great service for a great price.

All of our East Tennessee warehouses are within a single-day’s drive to key East Coast and Midwest markets, yet compared to hubs like Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, or even Nashville, our Knoxville-area services can be as much as HALF the cost.

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  Great Road/Highway Accessibility

Highway AccessabilityNo matter your situation, time is of the essence. You need options that are convenient to America’s lifeline – the interstate and highway system. Luckily, our Knoxville-area locations are able to maintain a strong balance between accessibility and traffic flow. The majority of our warehousing locations are chosen for their ease-of-access. Consider the advantage to being centrally-located, within a single-day’s drive of half the U.S., while avoiding high-traffic markets like Nashville, Atlanta or Charlotte, where your goods will consistently have to travel through hours of delay each day, just to get on their way.

Our Knoxville, Lenoir City, and Loudon, Tennessee facilities offer fast, easy access to both I-40 and I-75, while avoiding high-traffic areas of delay.


  Superior Service

Service can be measured and valued in many ways. Picking accuracy, shrinkage rates, and customer retention may be industry-standard measures for this, but there can be much more behind those numbers.

At R&S Logistics, we set our warehouse storage services apart with the key elements of 1) Communication, 2) Ownership, and 3) Flexibility. 

  • Communication means that we communicate directly with our customers on a daily basis, with timely updates on delivery status and more. In fact, our customers are privileged to hold their representatives’ personal cell phone numbers, so getting to the heart of their questions and concerns is never a challenge.
  • Ownership means that we treat our customers’ goods with respect. It is our goal not only to minimize shrinkage, but also to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. Accidents can and will happen, but it is how you react that sets you apart. We consistently find ways to “make good” to our customers any shrinkage or delay that occurs at our storage facilities.
  • Flexibility is our third service pillar. It stands for how we partner with our customers to provide valuable solutions to their supply chain issues. Offerings such as pick and pack, transportation management/brokering, order fulfillment, kitting, cross-docking, and materials preparation are just some of the ways we provide additional value to our customers.


Contract warehouse services are key to a smooth-running supply chain.


R&S Logistics is a leader in the Knoxville market and beyond for comprehensive warehousing, storage, and 3PL services. We are proud to be the first choice of manufacturers, building material supply, and automotive supply professionals. We offer 800,000 square feet of configurable warehousing, zoned, and secured with 24/7 closed-circuit monitoring.


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