R&S Logistics is Knoxville’s Warehouse Storage Management Leader

September 4, 2020

In 19 years (and growing), R&S has earned our status as a leader in total logistics solutions and warehouse storage management in markets like Knoxville, Atlanta, Savannah, Charlotte, St. Louis, and other major markets on the Eastern Coast. We deliver low-cost, responsive warehouse management services with comprehensive storage and fulfillment solutions.

Why Knoxville is a Leader in Warehouse Storage & Management Services…

R&S Logistics is a leading provider for warehousing and related 3pl services – which is saying something for a company located in the Knoxville market. Great companies start with great people, just like we did at R&S. The University of Tennessee Knoxville ranked #4 in U.S. News’ Best Graduate School for Supply Chain Management, which means we’ve got the know-how when it comes to doing things right.

Storage: Secure, Safe, Budget-Friendly

From basic storage floor space and racking to becoming a key component of your dynamic supply chain, R&S Logistics has your back. We’re strategic when it comes to acquisitions and locations of our warehouses. Each R&S location is hand-picked to deliver our clients the best value for their money; balancing service and security with a low-cost of operation.  No matter what R&S market you’re in, this stays true. Even our newly-acquired warehouse in Savannah, GA port area operates with below-industry-standard rates. 

From Warehouse to Their House

R&S also manages a full range of shipping and trucking services. Our staff can assist with trucking and other brokerage services for full trailer loads, LTL shipments, Hotshot, box vans, and Last Mile Delivery needs. Our R&S pros can even handle the transportation of hazardous materials and oversized trucking.

Value-added Services to Support your Business

Following best practices in storage management, R&S Logistics has risen to the top spot among inventory and logistics professionals. While warehousing and storage services are the foundation of our business, we can also manage pick and pack orders as an extension of your enterprise.

Our warehouse management system includes transparent access to your inventory, frequent reporting on outbound shipments, and more. Special operational requests? Standard fair for R&S.

R&S also serves as a comprehensive e-commerce order fulfillment center. We receive customer orders electronically throughout the day via a full array of e-commerce shopping carts.

Our Core Values:

At R&S, we follow 5 core values that we share with each client/partner:

  1. Clean, dry, organized, and safe facilities
  2. Ownership, collaboration, accountability, and a partner-mindset (when issues occur, R&S takes responsibility)
  3. Clear, same-day communication
  4. Customizable operations and integrations to support client/partners
  5. Scalable warehouse space and service solutions to support future growth

The R&S Difference

R&S Logistics is a recognized leader among Southeastern U.S. 3PLs. Why? Because we carefully listen to our customers…  and provide specific services to best meet their needs. For more information or to talk with a representative about your needs, schedule a tour of one of our facilities or contact us.

Our Leadership Team at R&S Warehousing is here to serve with honor and integrity. We believe in the value of one-point communication, being responsive to our customers, and taking full responsibility for the goods they place in our care.

Meet our team:

David Schmid

David Schmid
Owner & Founder

Joe Michalik

Joe Michalik
Chief Operating Officer

Matt McMurray

Matt McMurray
Operations Manager

Landon Pyle

Landon Pyle
Warehousing & Fulfillment Representative

Bobby Taylor

Bobby Taylor
Trucking Representative

Need assistance?

Our shipping and warehousing experts are happy to answer your questions. Get in touch to learn more about our fully customized solutions.